The MATCHSI project brings together eight partners from seven EU member states.

Objective & Output 1:  MATCHSI will produce a user-friendly and adaptable toolkit to facilitate the identification, the collection and the transmission of all the relevant information. These innovative, up to date resources will be compatible with and complement the already existing tools and methods developed and promoted by the EU, such as Europass CV. The materials should notably allow more accuracy in the development of the learning objectives in an ECVET perspective. 

Objective & Output 2: MATCHSI will undertake research in each partner country and produce a multi-lingual work-based learning compendium of good practice for transnational work placements. The bringing together of these resources from seven European countries in one place should make the information easier to find and encourage improvements in the quality of collaborative work between VET providers, mobility service providers, businesses and other stakeholders and perhaps even the development of new cooperative approaches and solutions.

Objective 3: The MATCHSI Toolkit will be tested on a control group of 80 trainees who will undertake 80 transnational work placements of 3 to 26 weeks in duration and also by the project partners through their networks for additional work placements to be managed during the life span of the project. A significant number of these placements will involve young people who would not typically take part in transnational mobility, including those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. MATCHSI will work with educational establishments and VET providers, host companies and additional interested parties, such as local public administrative bodies.