End of Project Conference

At the End of Project Conference, a presentation of project results and deliverables will be made and discussions on legacy and on areas of concern that could benefit from future collaborative projects will take place.

The conference will be organised by EPN in collaboration with all project partners and it will address primarily the project target groups in addition to public and private responsible for or involved with employment and training.The estimated number of participants is estimated at 50. It is provisionally scheduled to take place on 12th September 10,00-12,00 in Mercure Bristol Brigstow, 5-7 Welsh Back, Bristol BS1 4SP, UK.

The invitations will be sent using the MATCHSI database that we need to compiled at the start of the project.

It is proposed that the first part of the conference will present the following:

  • Project Background and interests.

  • Project Objectives.

  • Project Methodology.

  • Activities and project schedule.

  • Deliverables and results.

It is proposed that the second part of the morning will feature more theoretical discussions via round tables on key themes. The legacy of the project and future collaborative projects will then be discussed.