MATCHSI Research Compendium of Good Practice for Transnational Work Placements.


One of the three main deliverables of the MATCHSI project is to produce a multi-lingual Research Compendium of Good Practice for Transnational Work Placements.
All project partners have undertaken extensive research in their country to identify key resources and past projects that can be of assistance to any organisation looking to design a project for work based learning within the European Union.
The bringing together of these resources from seven European countries in one place should make the information easier to find and encourage improvements in the quality of collaborative work between VET providers, mobility service providers, businesses and other stakeholders and perhaps even the development of new cooperative approaches and solutions.
The Compendium is an essential part of the MATCHSI process. It will help to aliment our reflexion and help us to produce the most relevant, up to date and innovatory materials possible for the identification and matching of needs and expectations of trainees and host companies for Transnational Work Placements.
It should also help us to design materials and guidelines that are innovative and genuinely adaptable from country to country and for the different target groups. In order to be of greatest value to the MATCHSI project and the design of our Toolkit for the Matching of the Needs and Expectations of Trainees and Companies Hosting for a Successful Internship.
The country based contributions were completed by the end of January 2017 and the overall compendium was validated by all partners at the second transnational steering committee meeting in Sevilla in early February 2017. Partners are now in the process of managing the translation of the English version of the Compendium into their own language.
It is planned to publish the Compendium at the end of April 2017 after the third transnational meeting in Alghero. The compendium will then be distributed by project partners throughout their partner network. And it will be freely downloadable in each of the seven project languages from the MATCHSI project website