MATCHSI 4th Transnational Meeting: Berlin 26 February-1 March 2018


Objectives for the meeting:
1.     Progress report for each activity 1-7
2.     Validation of 3rd MATCHSI Newsletter (ready for translation)
3.     Evaluation of the work placements made by the Test group in the Test Phase – analysis of the trainee and host company questionnaires (A3) 
4.     Work in sub-working Stakeholder groups to finalise Toolkit Criteria, Process & Resources (A1/O1)
5.     Face to face Administration meetings with EPN
6.     Face to Face project Evaluation meetings with Akershus:
a.     Commitment/Involvement/Motivation of each partner
b.     Overall Project Progress
c.      Role of the project coordinator in the management of the project
d.     Role of the stakeholder group coordinator in regard to the regular updating of the Toolkit materials/process & the effectiveness of communication within the stakeholder groups
7.     Preparation of the work to be completed before, objectives, date and time of the 5th Meeting in Reims, France (6-7 June 2018)
8.     Confirmation of the date and time for the 5th Meeting in Bristol (10,11 Sept 2018)
9.     Confirmation of the date and time for the End of Project Closing Conference (12 Sept 2018)