2nd Steering comittee Meeting: Seville


MATCHSI European Partnership Project Erasmus+
Meeting Seville 08-09 February 2017
Objectives for the meeting:
a) Activity 1:
- Work in sub-working groups for each Stakeholder Group with Apreca.
- Drafting in English of the toolkit materials per Stakeholder Group ready for translation.
b) Validation of:
- Activity 2: Overall Research Compendium of Good Practice & Bibliography in English.
- Activity 4: Translations of Flyer, Newsletter, Video, Dissemination Grids.
- Activity 5: Results of Questionnaire 1.
- Activity 6: Website Content & Translations, Social Media.
c) Administration: Work with each partner individually for Project Management, Timesheets, Staff CV’s, Staff Certificates of Work, Video Commentary Recordings.
d) Confirmation of the date for the 4th Steering Committee Meeting – February 2018, Berlin.
e) Proposal of the agenda for the 3rd Meeting in Alghero.