3rd Steering comittee Meeting: Alghero


MATCHSI European Partnership Project Erasmus+
Meeting Alghero 25-26 April 2017
Objectives for the meeting:
a) Progress report for each activity 1-7.
b) Activity 1: 
- Work in sub-working groups for each Stakeholder Group.
- Final drafting in English of the toolkit criteria, process & materials per Stakeholder Group ready for translation.
c) Activity 3: Confirmation of the control group & validation of procedures for the transnational placements in the Test Phase.
d) Validation of:
- Activity 1: Toolkit and Matching Criteria, Process & Materials for translation & use in the Test Phase (A1/O1).
- Activity 2: Overall Research Compendium of Good Practice & Bibliography in each language.
- Activity 4: Validation of Newsletter 2 – ready for translation into partner languages, Dissemination Grids.
- Activity 5: Results of Questionnaire 2.
- Activity 6: Website in English & partner languages, Social Media.
e) Administration: Work with each partner individually for Project Management, Timesheets, Staff CVs, Staff Certificates of Work.
f) Discussion of the content of the Interim Report.
g) Confirmation of the date for the 4th Steering Committee Meeting – February 2018, Berlin.
h) Proposal of the agenda for the 4th Meeting in Berlin, 27 & 28 February 2018.
i) Proposal of the dates for the 5th Meeting in France.