Akershus county council is a regional public authority. Its department of upper secondary education and training (AVO) is responsible for administrating, managing and developing upper secondary education and vocational training in Akershus county. It includes 34 upper secondary schools, more than 20 000 pupils and 2500 contracts of apprenticeship in more than 800 training establishments. 

AVO is mandated by the county council for enhancing internationalization of upper secondary education and vocational training in the county. Two advisers are dedicated to this work at county level, in addition to the international contacts in every school. 

Oslo and Akershus counties share a common labor market. Thus we cooperate closely for organizing international activities within vocational training. In this project, AVO acts on behalf of both counties of Oslo and Akershus. Oslo as about the same amount of learners as Akershus.

The department of upper secondary education and training of Akershus county council has administrated mobility project since 1999. It has an extended experience in organizing and coordinating work placement abroad for apprentices, young workers and company trainers within the framework of the programs Leonardo da Vinci, Eurodyssée, Gjør det! and now Erasmus+. The office was certified by Leonardo da Vinci for projects VETPRO and IVT for the period 2009-14.

The department has also led a project Leonardo partnership called network for quality in work placement and participated in a project Leonardo partnership dealing with evaluation of non-formal and informal learning within mobility project.

Finally, we were member of the working group set up by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training for studying to what extend ECVET could be implemented in Norway.