BB - Verein zur Qualifizierung in traditionellen und modernen Bautechniken e.V.

BB - Verein zur Qualifizierung in traditionellen und modernen Bautechniken e.V.

The Bildungsverein Bautechnik as registrered association is supported by the building trade tariff partners of Berlin and Brandenburg (IG Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt, Bauindustrieverband Berlin-Brandenburg and Fachgemeinschaft Bau Berlin und Brandenburg). We also work with the local Chambers of Commerce. Our areas of specific expertise in the field of VET/ECVET are:

  • Qualifications of the young trade generation in modern and historical building techniques, social competences and international working experiences.

  • Support for the restoration of historical monuments of cultural importance Europe wide.

  • Qualification of skilled workers and apprentices for the future challenges in the building trade.

  • Development of plans and coordinating training projects in the building trade.

  • Cooperation with various European training institutions and universities.

  • Applications for national and international financial means.

Since 2000 we have served as a sending and hosting organisation within various European mobility programmes. From 2010 on we had a certificate for LdV-programms. We also do exchanges with non – EU – partners like Russia and Israel offering qualification via exchanging projects in building and construction for apprentices, students and skilled workers. 

Together with our international partners, we develop the quality in our mobility projects before, during and after the internships. Financed by the building trade tariff partners we work hand in hand with small and medium sized companies.

Our direct partners are the responsible for VET in our regional businesses of building and construction as in various training centres:

- Berufsförderungswerk des Bauindustrieverbandes Berlin – Brandenburg.

- Berufsförderungswerk der Fachgemeinschaft Bau Berlin und Brandenburg.

- Oberstufenzentrum I Knobelsdorff-Schule.

For the last 5 years we have a lack of young professionals in our activity sector. Therefore, we learn to educate apprentices from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds including refugees. Especially when it comes to social and intercultural competences we made researches to discover the benefits for them when participating in Erasmus + projects as there are: Team spirit, capability to cooperate, flexibility, organizational ability, willingness to learn and take initiative, responsibility and social tolerance. 

With this knowledge we will provide and develop tools for preparing and evaluating internships for this and other target groups.