CMP - Associazione Culturale Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera

CMP - Associazione Culturale Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera

Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera (CMP) is a cultural organization, operating in Alghero, Sardinia since 2004 that focuses on the divulgation of the Italian language and culture.

CMP’s Italian language and cultural courses are an integral part of a broader project of promotion of activities that lead to an intercultural exchange. Obviously to this extent, language is of vital importance as it communicates ways of life, habits, traditions. CMP’s courses and itineraries are such that different cultures meet and understand one another. Affinities and differences create new points of growth. Our lessons go beyond the classroom as we actively encourage our students to become part of the community in Alghero.

At CMP, we have been able to create a qualified team of professionals that has collaborated with us with passion for many years.

CMP welcomes approximately 200 people each year from all over the world.

Since 2015 CMP is officially authorized by the University of Siena as an exam center for the CILS certificate.

Since 2006 CMP has been involved in European mobility projects as a hosting partner to various counties in Norway and to the French company Apreca. 

In this context, CMP organises:

  • Professional placement: sourcing of work place in a diverse variety of local businesses for the apprenticeship and formalization of the contract between the host company, apprentice and sending organization.

  • Hospitality: sourcing of appropriate accommodations, airport pick up of apprentices, welcome, introduction to Alghero, accompanying of apprentices for gradual adaptation to everyday life of host city, support in case of integration problems due to cultural and linguistic diversity.

  • Introduction to Italian language and culture: intensive lessons in and out of the classroom for the first weeks, supplemented by cultural activities. Final evaluation of language learning.

  • Monitoring: regular liaison with host company and apprentice during internship, as well as detailed reporting to the sending organization.

  • Final documentation including liaison with host company for the completion of Europass and Learning Agreement.

Thanks to our experience over the last 10 years, we have acquired the necessary know-how to understand the requirements of a new hosting intermediary partner. 

Thanks to our involvement in the multilateral partnership project on “identifying and assessing non-formal and informal learning” we have experience in testing our apprentices and we can provide questionnaires that we developed in the last partnership.

Our Italian language students come from all over the world. We use Italian-English-German-French on a daily basis. We wrote and translated and regularly update our website in three languages. We are confronted daily with translation. We possess the linguistic competencies and experience to coordinate the translation process for the MATCHSI project’s website and for the tools and resources produced during the project.