HVS - Hans-Viessmann-Schule

HVS - Hans-Viessmann-Schule

The Hans Viessmann School is a vocational training school with about 1000 students in full and particular vocational training. It is based on 2 sites: one in Frankenberg and one in Bad Wildungen. In Frankenberg the school puts the main emphasis on technical professions, in Bad Wildungen on healthcare and administrative professions. 

Since 2014 the school has been legally independent. The school has a certified quality management orientated to the certificate of the labour agency (AZAV) and to the school system.

The target groups are all industrial companies in the region with the specific vocational training. Above that, the school is a technical college for environmental technology and is in this area responsible for all students in Hessen.

The Hans Viessmann School as a vocational training school is one of the partners in the dual system in Germany. The school prepares trainees for the needs and expectations of the companies and labour market. Therefore the school works close together with the companies and also with the chambers of commerce, businesses Clubs etc. Companies and school develop projects to prepare trainees in the requirements of the labour market. So we worked up for example additional qualifications during the regular traineeship. This knowledge, experience and expertise will be a part of the new project. We will be coordinating the materials referring to the needs and expectations of host companies and our wide network and experience will bring considerable added-value and help to make the project deliverables match the needs and expectations of businesses.

We have a long experience with participating in mobility projects as a sending and hosting organization. Especially for improving the language competences of apprentices and students the HVS intends to use this module.