AM Transnational (AMT) is a Spanish language and training center and consultancy firm specialised in the management of Educational programs for youngsters throughout Europe.

Since our foundation in 2003 we have participated in hundreds of European mobility programs as sending and hosting partners. We tailor make every program to ensure its success. We handle projects from initial consultancy through completion, providing a fully managed end-to-end service. We are experts in all the phases of transnational mobility programs including projects drafting, submission, implementation and final project results. 

As a hosting partner , we provide quality services involved in mobility programs, including: transfers from and to the airport, welcome meeting, appropiate accommodation, cultural and linguistic preparation, training in an adequate company taking into consideration the trainee´s profile and expectations, monitoring of the placment period, validation and final certification . 

Our aim is to enhance and improve professional qualifications of young people, by implementing their individual competences and linguistic skills, their transversal abilities and quantifying / capitalising on their achievements. But for us, it is equally important to ensure that the trainee has the means to enjoy the mobility exoerience at a personal level too.  

Over the years we have participated in numerous training projects, both as sending and receiving institution, so that we have succeeded in constructing and managing a wide network of partners made of business, local and regional authorities and educational centers. We are at the forefront of improving quality in our mobility projects and we play an active role in researching, experimenting and implementing skill transfers. 

Our team is made of qualified professionals with a real passion for the mobilty experience. 

We also participate in international projects and / or partnerships aiming to improve cooperation in mobility processes and share know-how in this area.